ABC Kids Expo

May 15-17, 2024. Las Vegas, NV.

interactive show management kiosk


Popshap was delighted to elevate trade show management through our cutting-edge kiosks at ABC Kids Expo. We provided three charging stations wrapped with customized branding, a large LED wall, and four 49-inch standing kiosks. These kiosks featured crucial show information, including wayfinding, exhibitor details, and the event schedule. By leveraging digital signage, we ensured that attendees had seamless and efficient access to essential information, enhancing their overall event experience.

charging kiosk show management


The inclusion of charging kiosks not only served as practical stations for attendees to recharge their devices but also doubled as branded engagement points throughout the venue. These strategically placed kiosks allowed attendees to stay connected and informed without worrying about battery life, creating a convenient and hospitable environment. The branding on the charging stations further reinforced the event's identity and sponsors, blending functionality with promotional benefits.

show management LED video wall


The large LED wall was a focal point, continuously playing branded content and capturing the attention of everyone passing by. This dynamic display provided a vibrant and engaging way to showcase event highlights, announcements, and sponsor messages. Popshap's comprehensive digital signage solutions demonstrated the significant advantages of integrating technology into trade show management, making it easier for attendees to navigate and enjoy the event while providing exhibitors and sponsors with high-visibility promotional opportunities.