Charging Kiosk

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Product Specs

Panel Type

Samsung, LG

Shell Material

Aluminum Alloy Frame


1080 x 1920

Operating System

Android, Windows, iOS, Standalone, Driver Board

Storage Capacity

Android - 2 + 8G, Windows - 4G SSD, 64- 256G HHD 32D/500G

Switch Power

AC 100V - 240V

Say goodbye to low battery anxiety – our charging kiosks ensure that customers can stay connected, empowered, and engaged throughout their shopping journey, leading to increased dwell time and improved overall satisfaction.

Our charging kiosks offer retailers a unique opportunity to boost brand engagement and foster customer loyalty. With customizable branding options, including logo placement and digital displays, our kiosks seamlessly integrate into your store environment, reinforcing brand identity at every touchpoint.

By installing our charging kiosks in your retail space, you not only enhance the customer experience but also drive foot traffic and increase sales. As shoppers seek out charging solutions, they are drawn to your store, attracted by the promise of convenience and accessibility.