Proven Ways Digital Signage Display Can Improve Store Foot Traffic

We would hope that your brand’s digital marketing strategy already excludes a mix of online and social advertising: Facebook, Google, and social media, maybe even print, TV and others. But all of that is dedicated to marketing to customers before they enter your store. If you aren’t using digital signage display keep reading. What are you doing about creating exciting in-store promotions? Digital marketing doesn't stop once the customer steps foot into your establishment. It's then that tools like digital signage takeover marketing duties and adds to what your other promotional channels are already doing, supplementing the efforts of other channels. Though it's not a comprehensive list, here are some ideas on how to use digital signage display in your store that will help push more people to the register.

Up-sells, Special offers, product launches, and more

One of the most noticeable—and effective—ways to use digital signage is for your in-store promotions. Use it to publicize sales and special discounts, launch and promote offers. Another good tactic is to make announcements about upcoming sales and exceptional events. Now that consumers are used to digital screens in stores, they expect to see branded content telling them about your existing promotions and when the next sale is coming. Digital screens can also craft or increase product and brand awareness, which is particularly useful in industries where the products are cyclical, like grocery retail. Increase your sales by using the right display to call attention to special promotional prices on those products that are going out of the season.

Modernize Your Loyalty Programs

Digital signage also has the capability to help you increase loyal customers. Messages and content on a monitor near the register can encourage buyers to sign up for and use your loyalty programs or download your mobile apps. Near the register is also a good place to play the longer brand storytelling content. Not only does it occupy the viewer, but it also cuts down on perceived wait times and helps reinforce a positive customer experience with your brand.

Inform Buyers

Fresh or unfamiliar products, or ones that are difficult to operate, sometimes need some clarifying. Give your consumers a little help. If you're selling an item that could benefit from a lecture, you can show an instructional video on a screen at the product display. Digital signage is a respected part of not just you’re in-store marketing approach but your overall marketing plan. It will help you bridge the gap between your digital and in-store presences, enhance sales and help you attain business goals focused on customer experience.