Are Stores Safe Using Temperature Screening Kiosks?

While almost every industry has been affected by the pandemic in some way over the past year, some have faced greater setbacks and limits than others. Businesses as a whole and restaurants, particularly those that traditionally center on offering a dine-in experience, are amongst those most affected. Consequently, many companies have been required to get creative which is why many are turning to temperature screening kiosks. In some instances, delivery, carryout, and outdoor seating choices that may not have otherwise been presented became restaurants' only options for remaining afloat. In other cases, eateries were forced to stop operations completely until their particular states began easing limitations. [embed][/embed] As the U.S. closes in on an entire year of being affected by the virus, many states are well into their reopening stages — and several of the above-mentioned restrictions have been or are in the development of being lifted. In fact, just the other day, New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced plans to dial back some of the limitations on indoor dining within New York — a huge step for New York which has been one of the area’s most severely impacted by the virus. In addition to social distancing and imposing capacity restraints, one of the most common actions being used by restaurants in New York and beyond is temperature screening checks — often through the use of a body temperature screening kiosk. Intended with health and safety in mind, body temperature screening kiosks offer a totally contactless temperature check experience. Customers are scanned one at a time by placing their faces in the frame specified on the screen of the kiosk. Their temperatures are then read by a thermal sensor and displayed on-screen for the user to view and confirm. The procedure is straightforward, precise within 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit and proficient. In fact, the whole temperature scanning process only takes about two seconds per individual, less time than it even takes for guests to check-in for a reservation. Temperature Screening Kiosks for rent Why are they ideal for stores? While welcoming consumers back safely is clearly a top concern for stores, it's equally significant that their personnel are equipped to fulfill the health and safety necessities set forth as well. Flexible in design and easy to implement, temperature screening kiosks are obtainable in many different formats, from standalone podiums to countertop and wall mounts, making them perfect to use in both the front and back of the house. Just as restaurant-goers can use the kiosks to check their temperatures before being seated for their meals, restaurant workers can also use the check-in kiosks to check their temperatures before reporting for work. Additionally, to promoting a safe and hygienic environment, temperature screening kiosks can assist stores in remaining federal, state, and local regulations without conceding the time and energy of their staff. A totally unattended solution, temperature screening kiosks can use audible signals to attract an employee's responsiveness without requiring their presence and attention on the temperature kiosk at all times. For an update on how the pandemic is affecting your industry, click here.