How Top Schools Are Using Digital Signage Successfully

Keeping connected amidst the global pandemic has become critically important for schools. We have been able to help schools leverage digital signage to facilitate social distancing, get out important reminders quickly and maintain a community spirit – even while perceiving official health and safety procedures. While many schools were lucky to be able to open for the fall 2020 school term, they desired to adapt to new CDC protocols and guidelines for social distancing, maintaining a clean environment, and washing hands. In addition to required mask-wearing for students and staff, there are also limitations on attendance for sports and other events. School safety is of greatest importance so digital signage has been an essential ally in communicating the social distancing regulations and attendance capacity restrictions. Another way digital signage has assisted with keeping the school community linked is through live-streaming. Nowadays schools live-stream everything, and then they can embed the live-stream. Schools are using it during our events and games. Our software is vital to managing their signage and making sure the digital signs are always up to date. Schools use many of our customizable, school-focused outlines for:

  • Weekly breakfast and lunch menus
  • Sporting event updates and scores
  • Student videos created in class
  • Updated daily calendar of school events
  • Announcements of major events

With many institutions and school districts pushed to capacity these days, saving time despite the fact keeping informed and modernized is extraordinarily important. Schools appreciate the capability to schedule content in advance. Schools value the flexibility that we provide with our library of templates, with fresh ones being added each week. Schools can just pick and choose and then modify and make it look like it’s theirs [that’s a] really enjoyable feature. This, joined with the school-friendly price point makes Popshap a highly valuable solution for keeping school districts successfully connected, while also ensuring students are kept safe.