Why Touch Kiosks are Great for Trade Shows

Use a range of presenting tools if you truly want your company to stand out from the competition. You should use more than simply aural and visual contact if you want to keep your audience's attention. You will be able to connect with your audience on a whole new level if they can physically interact with the trade fair attendees. They'll be actively taking part in your exhibit.

A touch kiosk is a fantastic method to "welcome" guests to your trade fair booth. You can provide visitors an overview of your brand's values by setting up an interactive kiosk at or close to your booth's entrance.

They can be led through the various regions of your booth by these interactive touch kiosks. Since anything that can be loaded into a tablet can be loaded onto a touch kiosk, your options are only limited by your creativity. Play films, show off your inventory, click through to the specifics of your products, etc.

Here are a few other reasons to consider touch kiosks for trade shows;


Touch screen kiosks give event exhibitors the ideal chance to showcase apps, websites, and branded material in a public setting. Instead of single-user walkthroughs on mobile devices, group demos are possible using large touch screens.


Gamification is one of the most intriguing uses for touch kiosk technology. A variety of software options are available with customized templates to get you started, and games are always a wonderful way to draw customers to your booth. The objective should be to generate distinctive brand connections by effortlessly integrating your company branding into the experience, regardless of the game or app you use.


For displaying interactive papers, galleries, maps, and timetables at your event, touch screen monitors and kiosks are ideal. Additionally, they can be placed in crucial locations for wayfinding so that visitors know where to go and what to do.


Speaker presentations are one event element that frequently needs more interaction. Using touch content may produce really cool presentations instead of sticking to Powerpoint slides on a projector screen. Charts and graphs may be zoomed in on and out of, and slides can be advanced in an intriguing fashion, using touch screen video walls and big touch displays.

Because of this, you ought to think about renting an interactive touch screen. A touch kiosk can provide a ton of new possibilities. Your very own touch screen kiosk software can be customized.

Package deals from businesses like Popshap include the rental of touch kiosks and specially designed software for touch screen monitors.

Depending on how your presentation is set up and how much room is available, you can use a variety of interactive screens. 

Try using a video wall, for instance, if you have a lot of room to work with at your trade fair. With a video wall, your display area's wall is equipped with interactive touch software that makes advantage of the surroundings. A plain, uninteresting wall is transformed into an engaging, interactive touch screen that visitors can utilize to learn more about your business.

Curiosity naturally draws people to interactive menus. They will already be interested, so it will be simple to pique their interest in learning more about the services your business provides.

One of the other alternatives is a touch screen kiosk. The benefit of these is that they may be placed in the ideal location and stay there rather than being picked up and moved around like a handheld display.

There are also touch screen tables that can be customized. Utilizing interactive touch applications will significantly enhance your trade display. For a complete list of their goods and services, see Popshap.