32" Standup Touch Kiosk

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Product Specs

Panel Type:

Samsung, LG

Shell Material:

Alluminium Alloy Frame


1080 x 1920

Operating System:

Android, Windows, iOS, Standalone, Driver Board

Storage Capacity:

Android - 2 + 8G, Windows - 4G SSD, 64- 256G HHD 32D/500G

Switch Power:

AC l00V - 240V

Our 32-inch touchscreen kiosk is designed to integrate seamlessly into your space. With its sleek design and customizable branding options, you can elevate your hotels aesthetic while providing a cutting-edge interactive experience for your customers.

With our setup service, you can easily migrate your existing user data to the kiosk, ensuring a seamless transition for both you and your customers. Plus, its mobility allows you to strategically place it in high-traffic areas or move it around your retail space for maximum exposure.

Our 32-inch touchscreen kiosk is not just for permanent installations; it's also perfect for interactive activations at events. Whether you're hosting a party, a brand activation, or a sales event, our kiosk can help you stand out.