Kiosk Marketing

Kiosk marketing is a function of your overall marketing scheme. Unless of course, you’re us, because technically all that we do is kiosk marketing. And a marketing plan is a foundational pillar of a business. A business can not function without a marketing plan. The reason is pretty simple, and at the same time pretty complex.

Kiosk Marketing Exists in Many Different Industries

interactive kiosks popshap Kiosks are taking advantage of the trend in the shift attention in human activity. The fact is people are drawn to screens. It's the number one source of people's focus. The rise in the trend of kiosks in business came in response to the capacity of people's attraction to their phone, brought to a much larger interactive experience.

Industries Kiosks Have Penetrated

  • Real Estate - People have recognized the power of the digital directories utilized to broadcast available spaces for people to rent or buy. This is a desirable avenue because people get to search for themselves in an engaging way. You don't even sell actively you just leave it for them to interact with as they please.
  • Corporate Events - This is an industry which passes through all industries. All throughout these different events people have tried to provide the attraction the cell phone has taken away from the main attraction. Kiosks bring all events into a modern age.
  • Retail Stores - This brings the online shopping experience into the store. People want to know if this item is available in a different color or a shirt in a larger size. Joining the digital retail experience with the hands-on brick and mortar is the reason kiosks are found in many stores.
  • Information Kiosks - This was actually the origins of the current digital kiosk, the simple broadcast of information. Showing people a digital map of the surrounding area. Or posting upcoming events and schedules.
  • Medical Offices - Digital posters have maneuvered themselves into medical offices showcasing new medical trends or new medicines hitting the market. There is an unbelievable amount of targeted advertising power here. Everyone who is already there is primed for specific information.
  • Buildings - Virtual directories and come to dominate the old static directories. Firstly they are easily updatable, but they draw people in and they create a new age environment.
  • Fundraisers - This statistically has produced a higher number of donations during fundraising events. Kiosks that include maybe a photo booth app, and a fun information piece where the user learns about the cause, and then a page that people can give money right there. Everyone interacts with digital media, now they can in real time though.
  • Trade Shows - Booths around all trade shows have more or less one thing in mind. That thing is create an attractive place that people are drawn too. Stand out, offer something new, be alive. This happens when you offer something that people are naturally drawn to. Capitalize on their attention which is already geared toward digital interaction.
What's crazy is this is not everything. There are physical kiosks that offer a digital format to your business and create digital interaction in real time, and it's trackable. So, you have a brilliant business idea, or even a business already started. How can you build volume for your product or service, and reach the customers you made the business for? As important as the idea itself is this question. So that sounds simple, the complexity is in the mode of marketing. We all understand that marketing is valuable, great. But how can you express your brand so that it will be received by large numbers of potential customers and by relevant consumers?

Create the Right Language for Your Brand

There is a subtlety in language here that I find very complex. Because how things are labeled is how they are perceived. I could have an amazing idea and mislabel it, and it becomes worthless. But by language, I don’t only mean the words. I mean the beauty that surrounds it. Beauty speaks to us to does it not? Language is more how it will be felt and understood. Beauty like Kiosk Marketing Giving your brand a visage to capture the highest potential paying consumers is the essential marketing goal. Starting from how you word the content you write about, all the way to the places you put that message affects your brand.

Brand Placement Changes Your Brand

kiosk marketing I’m sure we can all think of products we didn’t take seriously because of where we saw them, and vise versa. I can think of a very specific personal example of this. I didn’t think the ‘Wish’ store app was particularly credible. But then I saw the logo on the back of the Los Angeles Lakers hoops and it totally changed my perception of them.

How Things Are Seen Changes the Way We See Them

Nowadays especially how things are encased defines them. I mean even to the degree of people doing what they can to always look young. How you look is your encasing. It’s how you sheath your own self. It's how you market yourself. So we can see how much people will invest into how something looks.

Kiosk Marketing Solution

Kiosk marketing solutions solve many of the marketing issues we just brought up. It won’t solve everything, only you can do that. But in terms of giving your company legitimate branding, and a beautiful custom display to shine on it works rather well. Beautiful Kiosk Marketing The part that goes beyond is the interactive capabilities a touchscreen kiosk comes with. Because now people are not only given imagery but there is an interface to communicate your brand to them with greater depth. It’s one thing to see a picture of someone and maybe you would want to buy them a drink, but to really invest you would want to speak with them. You would want to interact with them. You now can utilize this advantage. Make it fun, and engaging (just as you would want to make yourself), and give people actionable options after meeting your brand.

Share Yourself

Show them that you are invested in giving them real value. Show them what you believe your brand is really about. And let them connect. I believe people would always rather invest in something they can connect with. As opposed to just bland products, from a faceless store. The kiosk funny enough becomes something a little more personal. Something with flavor and with personality, design your kiosk marketing platform to express your unique brand. Let your customers see what you are about.

Kiosk Marketing Placement

Where do you put kiosks? Kiosk Marketing Questions Well, that’s a good question I do appreciate you asking it. I think it’s 100% dependent on your business. Where you put it, will help determine what customers you are looking to engage with. Some companies put them in a mall. If you have a building you put it in the lobby. Retail stores, corporate events, office parties, the places are as varied as places get. Minus the middle of the forest, I don't think there are many kiosks out there. Although what’s so great about a kiosk is that all the data is stored. And everyone who comes up to your kiosk is willingly interacting with your brand. So you can analyze the statistics and see where your largest consumer base is coming from, and how best to market to them.