Interactive Digital Signage at Geo Week 2023

Feb 13-15, 2023. Denver, CO

interactive digital booth


GPI Geospatial Inc, a leading geospatial solutions provider, approached Popshap to provide interactive digital signage for their booth at GEO Week 2023. Popshap provided a 32-inch touchscreen table (White) with a vinyl logo, a video wall with five panels, and software. The software provided a wheel of fortune for guests to win prizes, an about us section, a join our team section, and a company video. The video wall served as a backdrop to the booth and played a wide variety of company videos.

table kiosk


Popshap's interactive digital signage provided GPI Geospatial Inc with a creative and engaging way to interact with attendees at GEO Week 2023. The touchscreen table with the wheel of fortune feature attracted visitors to the booth and gave them the chance to win prizes while learning more about GPI Geospatial, Inc. The join our team section with the QR codes provided attendees with an opportunity to explore career opportunities within the company. While the company video played on the video wall provided an eye-catching and informative backdrop to the booth.

LED video wall


Overall, Popshap's interactive digital signage helped GPI Geospatial Inc to stand out at GEO Week 2023 and engage with attendees in a fun and interactive way. The touchscreen table, vinyl logo, and video wall provided a professional and visually appealing backdrop to the booth. The software on the touchscreen table provided attendees with a wealth of information about GPI Geospatial Inc, from company details to career opportunities. The LED video wall provided a dynamic and engaging visual experience for attendees, helping to make GPI Geospatial Inc's booth a memorable part of GEO Week 2023.