Wayfinding Kiosks for Realty One Group

February 20-22, 2023. Las Vegas,NV.

LED video wall


In February 2023, Realty One Group held its Summit One Conference and sought to make it a truly memorable experience for all attendees. One of the key components they wanted to include in the conference was wayfinding kiosks and they reached out to Popshap for help. We provided them with 9 x 49 inch touchscreen tables, 1 6x4 led wall made up of 24 LED panels, and 2 x 32 inch charging stations.

table kiosks


These wayfinding kiosks were a great addition to the conference as they provided attendees with easy access to important information about the event. They allowed guests to interact with the conference content in a more immersive way. They could easily browse through schedules, speaker bios, and other important information that made their conference experience more engaging.

wayfinding kiosks


The LED video wall was another great addition to the event, as it displayed content from the Realty One Group and enhanced the overall ambiance of the conference. The charging kiosks were also a thoughtful addition as they allowed guests to stay charged and ready for the conference. Overall, Popshap's wayfinding kiosks made the Summit One Conference a huge success.