Interactive Kiosk Software

Interactive kiosk software

Interactive kiosk software is a totally different format from that of your computer, smartphone, or tablet. They require a whole new customized display to be operate more effective.

We offer certain basic functions for you to use. And on top of that, we offer a consultation to discuss and develop ideas for customizable displays and content for your specific needs and requirements. The same way a developer makes a site different from a mobile device than it would for a computer, we do for a kiosk.

digital poster

Basic functions you can use without customization are;

Photo booth – easy to navigate photo booth lets anyone walk right up to your kiosk, snap a photo, and leave an email address real quick.

Virtual Wayfinding – an interactive map of a location, be it a conference or an event of any kind.

Service check-in – any client can walk up to your touch kiosk and check themselves into your event without any holdup.

Digital Signage – Broadcast your brand for a retail store, corporate event, or whatever you can think of.

Personal Content

Anyone can give you a kiosk with basic functionality and no personality. At Popshap, we offer a totally customizable and self-editable software. The device will be designed specifically to respond to your needs.

Kiosk Software Service Systems

Aside from all the wonderful capabilities mentioned thus far, all the data and analytics from the kiosk are accessible whenever you want. With all of our content, we use CMS (Content Management Systems) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) admin systems to operate our devices. The difference between the two, in short, depends on what interactions you want to have with your audience.

All the basic functions of the software are totally useful, which is why we standardized them, but the customizable element is the unique feature we offer.

You can use a photo booth kiosk, and it will improve your branding, event, party, but let us know that you need something that hasn’t been done before. Think outside the box, get creative and we’ll provide you with a finished product.