Onsite Tech Services

Onsite Kiosk Support 

So you have gone through the whole consulting and planning process and now it’s showtime. Everything must flow smoothly, even if just to make you feel good about spending all those hours and hard earned money to make this happen. This is where onsite kiosk support steps in. 

Part of the Popshap experience includes onsite performance security and tech support. We send a brand ambassador to your event wherever it may be. He will be there for you to assist you with any problems or issues the kiosk may throw at you.

I believe though the real value of having onsite assistance is twofold. Firstly the technical aspect of problems. But more than that it’s the security of your event going as planned. It’s a step to help you focus on the other parts of your event that need more attention.

Equal to the amount of attention and care you put into planning, is performing. And we like to think of ourselves as a white glove service. That being the case we want to make sure everything goes as planned from start to finish.