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Avangrid - Smart Cities

November, 2018
Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut


Avangrid, an energy company that has a primary focus on sustainable energy, was hosting a technology conference to discuss smart, efficient, and green solutions for not only the future of America, but the world.  The company approached our experts at Popshap to find an exciting way to engage the conference attendees while displaying key information.


Popshap discussed with Avangrid several interactive solutions that they have to offer.  In the end, Avangrid chose the 49” touch kiosk.  They decided that having one at a key location in the conference center would be ideal.  Popshap’s superior programming team developed the interface of the 49″ touch kiosk, to have a scrollable schedule of events, as well as a photo booth, to promote engagement among the guests.  In addition, the Popshap team also created a tab where users could type in feedback regarding their experience at the event, to further encourage the guests to interact with the 49” touch kiosk.  By doing this, Avangrid was provided an opportunity to hear the thoughts of those who attended the conference.


For this one-day event, the Popshap team configured a 49″ touch kiosk, and the Avangrid team demonstrated the services they offer to people who attended the event held at Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut.