Martin Scott Wine

September, 2018
Lincoln Center, New York


Martin Scott Wines has been distributing fine wine and spirits throughout the New York Metro area and New York State since 1989. In September, the company hosted their annual Grand Portfolio Tasting at the Lincoln Center in New York City, where event attendees had the opportunity to taste over 1000 different wine and spirits. Because of the mass volume of attendees, Martin Scott Wines needed a more efficient way to check-in their guests instead of the traditional handwritten way.


Popshap utilized their interactive touch tables to provide the optimal solution. The touchscreen tables allowed for a faster check-in process for the event attendees. All that was needed was the email or text that was sent to the guests prior to the event and for them to input their unique confirmation code or QR code into the device. A name tag sticker was then printed from the touch table and within 30 seconds guests were checked-in. The interactive touchscreen touch tables, which substituted the conventional check-in techniques, kept the registration lines moving and created a positive experience for everyone attending Martin Scott Wines’ Grand Portfolio Tasting.


For this annual event, the Popshap team made sure that the time of checking out was very easy and interactive with four of our 32″ Table Top kiosks with a custom software.