Nielsen Sports

Nielsen Sports, a marketing company that handles analytics relating to the sports industry, was present at The Leader’s Week Sports Business Summit 2018 at Chelsea Stadium in London, England. The conference hosts dozens of companies to showcase various products and technologies to prospective clients to answer the question of ‘‘what can your business offer the world of sports.’ Nielsen Sports wanted an interactive way to display their capabilities so they reached out to Popshap for some assistance.

The Solution

After discussing the situation and details with Nielsen, we both decided using one of our 32 inch interactive touch screen Touch Tables, along with a few Tablets, was the best way to display their content and capabilities. On the Touch Table, we provided the event attendees with a full demo of Nielson’s analytics services. Additionally, on the Tablets, we developed an interactive trivia game and interactive tabs with information about the sports played at the stadium and the venue itself. The Touch Table and Tablets were set up around their booth area to achieve maximum visibility and engagement by the guests.


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