Upgrade your retail experience with an interactive touch screen or touch kiosk


Easy Customer Engagement Today's customer expects to be served in high quality and quick, using our award winning retail software you can engage the customer and help convert in-store sales before they get to the register.

Collect DataIn a world where data is gold , our products and software can help inform the customer about your products and get valuable feedback from the customer which can impact your supply management rules, product placement and product procurement process. Use our CMS to collect the data and the analytics behind customer shipping behaviors.

Product Promotions Leverage your POS to promote your product and interface to our CMS with product promotions, in-store offers and more, our touch and none touch kiosks can be easily setup in your retail location to help maximize sales and product information.

Easy Customer Engagement

More and more retail locations and brands are making it easier for customers to get product information and do their own self checkout , with technology at the edge of the retail innovation we see the growth of interactive systems being used to allow customers the ease of access. Since most retail locations already have some type of a POS it makes the addition of an interactive kiosk or screen very seamless and with full integration to the current POS software. We can help with the hardware and software implementation.

Collect Data

There are many ways of collecting data from a customer in a private manner, one of the most common way is creating a user survey and asking the customer to participate , most recently the use of face recognition is becoming more available due to advancements in technology , with face recognition the brand can pin down demographic information ( by group) of the potential customer and taylor their products offering to accommodate.

Product Promotions

With the increasing costs of maintaining static display and the cost of printing , more and more brands are using in-store digital signage, from shelf displays all the way to large LED displays, the saving in personal and costs is instant and the flexibility to change the display with a simple APP on the fly from anywhere using our cloud based retail software is a game changer. Create a dynamic display environment that offers your potential customer relevant products and attractive pricing as well.


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