27" Touch Screen Table

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Product Specs

Panel Type:

Samsung, LG

Shell Material:

Metal Plate

Touch Frame:

Capacitive Touch/Infrared Touch


1080 x 1920

Operating System:

Android, Windows, iOS, Standalone, Driver Board

Storage Capacity:

Android - 2 + 8G, Windows - 4G SSD, 64- 256G HHD 32D/500G

Switch Power:

AC 100V - 240V

Incorporating a 27-inch table kiosk into your hotel location provides a unique opportunity to enhance customer engagement. Positioned strategically, these kiosks invite guests to interact with your brand or services in a hands-on way.

Whether guests are perusing your amenities, discovering new experiences, or making reservations directly through digital interfaces, the interactive journey cultivates a stronger bond with your hospitality brand.

By providing this convenient and interactive tool at check-in, you can enhance guest engagement and streamline the check-in process, leading to shorter wait times and a smoother arrival experience. This not only improves overall guest satisfaction but also increases the chances of repeat visits and strengthens guest loyalty to our hospitality brand.