Trade Shows

Tradeshow Kiosks

Tradeshows have become an integral part of our modern economy. They provide a space for innovators to showcase their products or services and for investors to view those wonders. The question becomes, how to draw in the crowd? Popshap offers a variety of solutions using the engaging technology of interactive touch screen kiosks.

Tradeshows Booths that Draw the Crowds

With our customizable digital kiosks, you have the ability to captivate bypassing people’s attention like never before. Using our digital posters, you could display a slideshow of branded images detailing what your product has to offer. Additionally, you could display information about your company and product and using interactive demos utilizing our kiosk’s digital touch screen capabilities.

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You could set up large displays on our digital video walls or large touch screen kiosks to present contests and advertisements for participant’s engagement, to get them curious and interested about what you have to offer. The kiosks can also be used as a digital sign-up sheet for emailing lists, so that you can stay in touch with your potential customers. Popshap’s kiosks also have the capability to serve the important function of servicing the trade show as a whole by providing an interactive showfloor directory, that would highlight the location of queried booths.   

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What better way to capture the attention a potential investor than a large, bright, and interactive display of your name and product? Own the showfloor with our digital customized content on a touch screen kiosk.