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Travel and Transportation Kiosks

Public travel also takes time; time spent not just getting to the destination, but also trying to figure out the information needed to get to the destination. Why not let us help you streamline the process and help people travel more efficiently.

Travel Kiosks Help Save Time

One of the most important needs for travelers is a map. Popshap’s interactive kiosks service allows for comprehensive touch screen maps and navigation for tourists to use in big cities and for travelers finding their way through an airport, bus, or train terminal. The kiosks could serve as a check-in service for various methods of transportation, saving time and money, thus making the process more efficient for both you and your travelers.

transportation kiosk popshap

The large screen digital wall monitors can be used as a multi-screen time board with various transportation times and schedules posted and underneath have a smaller interactive kiosk with pamphlets or other specific information. The great aspect to the kiosks is that they could be programed and updated in real-time. Because of this the kiosks could also serve the important function of highlighting special messages like informing travelers of gate or track changes, giving them the information faster and more efficiently.

Another function of the kiosks could also be used as an interactive gaming service to engage travelers who are waiting for their mode of transportation to arrive. The interactive kiosks could also be programed with questionnaires asking travelers about their experience to help improve the quality of their travel.

Everyone wants the travel process to be optimized as much as possible. Give your travelers the opportunity to improve their experience using Popshap’s interactive kiosks.