Use Touchscreen Table Rentals to Get Noticed at Your Next Trade Show

You should absolutely rent a touch screen table if you're getting ready for a trade show or any other event where you need to present your goods or services. Popshap offers the top trade show touch screen table rentals. Our value is unrivaled, and our prices are reasonable.

Potential buyers or clients will definitely be impressed when they see your product presented with our cutting-edge technology; this is especially true if you've used our custom software development services.

Give your audience access to interactive touch apps by letting us be your turnkey solution.

Rental touchscreen tables are a lifesaver for expos and trade exhibitions. You don't need to make a significant investment, store them, or worry about ever needing to repair them or update the software. You can simply return them to us once your trade fair is over and carry on with business as usual.

At Popshap, we provide complete touchscreen rentals that include all the components you require, including customized software.

Make Use of Your Touchscreen Table Rental to Grab Lots of Attention

Interactive objects, especially touchscreens, appeal to people. Visitors to your trade show booth will voluntarily enter your display area to get a better look at what is happening on your touchscreen table.

As soon as they witness individuals utilizing your interactive touch display, they'll be interested in what your goods or services are. Projected capacitive touchscreen displays (PCAP), touchscreen kiosks, touch tables, and video walls are some of our most well-liked solutions.

PCAP Displays and Other Touchscreens Are Available in a Variety.

Projected capacitive displays can be used with a touchscreen table and are highly robust. PCAP touchscreens deliver a clear, bright image and enable rapid mounting and dismounting. The 5mm-thick glass touchscreen is strong enough to withstand almost anything. The touchscreens we hire out that are most durable are projected capacitive displays. They are available in a huge range of sizes, from 24" to 84".

Allow Us to Create Personalized Touchscreen Software for Your Tradeshow Display

Although having custom software made for your event may seem fairly pricey, our software design fees are surprisingly affordable. We know that touchscreen rentals wouldn't be complete without customized software, which is why we charge such low fees for our software development.

It is that simple. There are several different touch screens available. Infrared touch screens, video walls, actuating touch screens, touch screen overlays, curved displays, outdoor displays, and touch windows are among the options. Projected capacitive touch screens (pcap displays) are another.

Consider how your consumers or customers would see your business after engaging in an interactive touch screen experience. They will always remember your brand if you introduce them to technology that they may have never seen in person before, like the touch screen windows we provide. The appeal of employing technology to outperform the competitors is that.

For your future trade show, rent a touchscreen from Popshap and use our interactive touch software to leave a lasting impression on your audience.